Koha z39.50 search problem

koha z39.50 configuration
the old koha z39.50 configuration settings

If you are using koha’s z39.50 feature to add records into your catalogue, you might have noticed a problem with it recently. A few people have contacted us about the problem and upon investigation, we realised that lx2.loc.gov is currently not accessible.

This is to guide you on how to temporarily resolve the problem. The solution is to change to other z39.50 servers. In this case, you can revert to the old z3950.loc.gov which seems to be working OK. The screen shot below on the left shows this with more clarity.

However, if you are using koha 3.20 or other newer versions, you will need to create a new entry for this z39.50 server because it no longer comes with koha.

NOTE: This is a temporary solution, unless the library of congress has reverted to using the old servers. Be on the lookout for more information about this problem. For more questions, use the comments section below.

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