1.0: Introduction

The Koha Firefox add-on is a valuable tool as advanced by Bywater Solution. It allows check-in and checkouts even without internet services. Follow the following procedure if you have not implemented one.

2.0: Installation of KOCT

  1. Login to your Koha account, click on circulation, then scroll to Get Firefox Add-on.
  2. You will be redirected to a link, click on add to the Firefox KOCT extension, and then click on (Allow Firefox to download and install the extension)
  3. Restart Firefox, the add-on is finally here!
  4. Go to the Firefox menu (three small lines) bar, click then scroll to (+ Customize) at the bottom, right click on KOCT, then select add to the main menu. Finally, exit the customization.
  5. Go to the Firefox main menu and open your KOCT, well done!

3.0: Configuration of KOCT

  1. After clicking on the main menu, a nice tab will open with four options highlighted inclusive of, checkout, and check-in, Log and Param.

Checkout – Option to add items by adding patron barcode (Card number) and item barcode. Check-in – Has only one row to add items barcode. Log – Shows all items entered during the offline module (Local is the default status). Param – Set your parameters here, the server and your Koha account user credentials.

  1. Click on the Param menu, on the server add your Koha staff client address: on Server option, for example,
  2. Library Code, include the code name (NOT the branch name) for example Zetech Library Pioneer (ZEP) or Zetech TRC (ZER).
  3. Username record your Koha username details, for example, mine (Simiyu).
  4. Password give your Koha account password (********)
  5. Close your KOCT tool.

Well done! You now have a working offline circulation tool.

4.0: Use of KOCT Tool

We have already set up a working server; now we can go ahead and use our tool when offline (For trial purposes use your account and a given book barcode).

4.1: Checkouts

  1. Insert the patron barcode (card number) for example mine (50002).
  2. Add the item barcode and the click save (for additional books to a single client repeat the process).
  3. Then click on the log, to see what you have done, check the status of item should read
  4. Then commit the items to Koha, (Do not Apply directly) because you want to check if your actions are successful or not.
  5. Check, the item status should read added

4.2: Check-ins

Perhaps the easiest part of the whole process, just scan the barcodes. Then save and commit to Koha.

Well done!

5.0: Uploading and Reclaiming Database

  1. Go to KOHA, then click on circulation
  2. Scroll to Pending offline circulation, if you see your list, you are good to go
  3. Check all or simply click on the specific item.
  4. Then click process
  5. If you receive successfully uploaded! Congratulations once more, you have successfully checked items offline and uploaded them to Koha database.

N.B.: If you get a failure, don’t give up countercheck patron card number or book barcode from your log and recheck if necessary for typing mistake or omissions.


By Evans Simiyu

Specialist: Open Source: Installation, Customization and Training (Koha, DSpace and Libki), Referencing tool expert (Mendeley, Zotero and Endnote), Data Analyst (SPSS), Librarian and Knowledge Manager.

For further questions, contact: mail: or text/call: 0728843970.


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