Installing koha: Create MySQL database

  1. Installing Koha : Introduction
  2. Installing Koha: Create a User Account on Debian
  3. Installing Koha: Update Debian packages
  4. Installing Koha: Download koha and install required packages
  5. Installing koha: Create MySQL database
  6. Installing Koha: Configure the installer and install koha
  7. Installing Koha: Configure apache2 web server and run koha web installer
  8. Installing Koha: Configure and start Zebra

Before you can create a database, you need to log-in to MySQL with the following command

mysql -u root -p

This will prompt you for a password. It is the password you provided in the previous step when installing koha's dependencies.
After log-in, create a database with the following command


It is good practice to create another database user to use in a case like this one. However, this is an idiot's guide. Once you are familiar with all the processes, then you will be able to create a database user. For now we will keep everything simple.

That is it. You have just created a database called koha_db. You can replace the name with any other of your choice. You just have to remember the name it will be required for the next step during installation. Remember, the database user we have used is root and root's database password is the password you provided in the previous step

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